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Physical pain, loss of income you and your family need, diminishment of your ability to enjoy your life and pursue your dreams - the results of a serious physical injury can be disastrous.  Which is why, when your injury was caused by the acts or negligence of another, the law recognizes your right to be made whole.  The problem for an injured party, however, is that there is already an army of lawyers paid to make sure that doesn’t happen for you.  That is why you need experienced attorneys, like the partners of Kidd Corvey & Simpson, on your side to see that you are treated the way you deserve.


An internet search will lead you to any number of lawyers and law firms, but be sure to ask any potential attorney about his or her actual real-world trial experience.  The answer may shock you.  A generalized “I’ve tried cases before” or “most cases don’t go to trial” should be a red flag.  While true that a trial may not be in your best interest in your specific case, you need attorneys who aren’t afraid to litigate your case if that is what is called for.  Insurance companies know the difference between a real trial attorney and a mere negotiator.  Make sure you do too. 


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