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Many people are often surprised to learn that most lawyers rarely, if ever, take a case through a full trial.  While they are often reluctant to directly admit it, many attorneys have never tried a case.  Trial avoidance may very well be in your best interest, but it is crucially important to know that in your case trial is not being avoided due solely to attorney fear and inexperience.

Experienced trial lawyers make up a surprisingly small percentage of lawyers overall, but each partner at Kidd Corvery & Simpson can certainly count themselves one.  Each of us has acted independently as lead counsel in many trials, major and minor, from initial pleadings to final jury verdict.  If your case comes to require a trial to best protect your rights, you can be assured that Kidd Corvey & Simpson has the experience and know-how to see your case through to its conclusion.  Conversely, if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of facing trial with counsel who has never done so, insist that your case not be their first time “trial run.”  Have them call Kidd Corvey & Simpson for litigation experience and guidance today.  

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