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Did you know that a judge or jury’s decision is not necessarily the final word in your legal matter?  Our legal system recognizes that all people and all systems sometimes err, so it is designed to allow you, the citizen, to appeal most court decisions to a higher court.  Appellate law, the practice and procedure of appealing a court’s “final” decision, is an area where it is often difficult to find experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel who can act on your behalf in a prompt and timely fashion.

The partners of Kidd Corvey & Simpson have spent several years of their careers employed by South Carolina’s Appellate Court System and can navigate its often confusing rules and procedures. In addition to their appellate court experience, our lawyers have successful tried countless cases to jury verdict. That trial litigation experience is vital to being able to diagnose your case and determine possible avenues and grounds for appeal.  If you feel that you’ve been affected by an erroneous or mistaken court decision, call us promptly.  Time is often of the essence for successfully appealing your criminal, civil, or family court decision.

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